Is This New Beyond Good & Evil 2 Footage?

Kotaku: We've gotten our hands on some footage that appears to be for Ubisoft's Beyond Good & Evil 2, the sequel to the underappreciated 2003 title.

The footage shows a woman dressed very much like Jade was dressed in the 2008 announcement teaser for Beyond Good & Evil 2, running through a rundown looking town, avoiding police, climbing on top of a building and then making her ultimate escape via an orange helicopter. The visuals certainly match what little we've seen of the game so far.

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Ellessdee3357d ago

that footage looked really good. perhaps thats a beyond good and evil 2 trailer planned to be shown at E3? i hope its true, cause if Ubisoft could transform that into real gameplay, my god what a great game that would be.

Saren Arterius3357d ago (Edited 3357d ago )

When I saw this video, I thought I was looking the first Xbox 720 game.

Best looking game ever.

Kain813357d ago

When I saw this video, I thought I was looking the first PlayStation4 game.

Best looking game ever

Freak of Nature3357d ago (Edited 3357d ago )

Beyond good and evil 2 is my most anticipated multi-plat.

Other than Team ico's next game my most wanted game.....

I saw concept art/pre-viz art at last years E3,from an old friends portfolio,he had worked on early concept art for the project....This has the same style and look,but things change in a year,sometimes in major leaps.But I feel 99% this is BG&E2...

It has a certain resemblance,just in a round and about way of mirrors edge to me,with Assassins creed mixed in....

Now they need to show more of the environments I saw in concept form in full eye popping 3D....

Target render,engine render? ....Very impressive.Last I heard this could be a 2nd quarter 10' release date....I hope so....I hope the game retains what made BG&E special, stealthy gameplay and photographing,along with stylised graphics.........

You add this type gameplay to what we already expect from BG&E and this has "WIN" all over it....

Now where is that time machine of mine,I need to get to the release date of this game.....

pain777pas3357d ago

That does not look like CG. If that is not running on PC and on an actual console, call me more than impressed. That looked in engine. That is no doubt Beyond 2. Wow that looked like the Assasins Creed engine with superb art direction. I am eager to see more.

Traveler3357d ago

Whether this video is from the game or not, I can't wait for Beyond Good & Evil 2. The first games was an under appreciated gem and if they keep what made the first one good and develop it, I guarantee it will be a good game.

The footage looked mindblowingly good, but I have trouble accepting that it was real-time gameplay. Because honestly, if that was real-time gameplay or even in-engine at all, it blows away anything yet seen on consoles. If a developer could pull off graphical fidelity like that on current generation consoles I would be completely dumbfounded. Like others have said, that is the kind of graphics I expect from the next round of consoles, not this gen.

IaMs123357d ago

Wow i liked to point out that Kain changed the Xbox720 to PS4 and he magically gets more agrees but the Xbox720 gets magically the same disagrees and he got agrees hmmm....

Anyways i thought it looked cool just seems very familiar to Mirrors Edge to me. Or maybe mirrors edge got ideas from the first game, ive never played Beyond Good and Evil before so.

DaTruth3356d ago

Getting past the mind blowing visuals; When I first started playing the original, my first thought was "damn, this is crap". half hour into the game I was loving it! I remember running through a factory ducking laser beams, and sneaking around.

That was a hidden gem.

madmike3356d ago (Edited 3356d ago )

we all as gamers should buy this game to make it up to them for slow sales last time

Arkem3356d ago

When I saw this video, I thought I was looking the first Wii 2 game.

Best looking game ever.

HAHAHAHAH ok enough of that, this trailer looks awesome.

karan86243356d ago

Its Pre-Rendered anyways -_-

lsujester3356d ago

Yeah, to me it looks like a in-game cutscene using the graphic engine instead of a CG movie.

360 man3356d ago

if it is ingame, its probably running on a 1GHz HD4890

inveni03356d ago

I think it's funny that someone had to change Xbox 720 to PS4. If it looks like an Xbox 720 game, then all you'd have to do to compete is say that you feel like you're looking at a PS3 exclusive. After all, it'll take the Xbox 720 to get anything as good as what we see on current PS3 exclusives.

Major_Tom3356d ago

the 4890 runs at 3.8ghz stock I think you meant 1GB VRAM. Which yes it could produce this kind of visual. However this is pre-rendered.

tplarkin73356d ago

The planes at the end look like the ones in the first game. However, the first one was incredibly overratted by reviewers. It was an enjoyable game, but the mechanicas were arcady and simplistic.

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batman2million3357d ago

I hope it is. looks awesome. They probably purposely put it out. It's a good marketing plan.

People pay more attention to rumors than news these days.

Fishy Fingers3357d ago

Looks fantastic, although there is very little chance thats gameplay. You'd have to have lightning reflexes to orientate that quickly.

Max Power3357d ago

but the camera would be terrible for gameplay, the character jumps to a ledge first then the camera swings around so you can see where she jumped. Looked pretty good though, but where are the pig people?

DaTruth3356d ago (Edited 3356d ago )

Could be a trailer cam of in game assets; Like the God of War trailer. But I personally don't believe this is gameplay.

SlaughterMeister3356d ago

The camera keeps her oriented at centre the whole time, and easily shows which direction she is going.

PrimordialSoupBase3356d ago

Far Cry 2 engine, count on it.

antt33356d ago

Also, the person playing would have no doubt known where to run (being most likely one of the devs or testers), which would explain how they were able to have "lightening fast" reflexes.

If it's not actual in-game capture, it does look to at least use the in-game engine, like how none of Uncharted's cut scenes are CGI.

Either way, looks great.

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sjaakiejj3357d ago

If it's not, kudos to them, but to me it seems the physics and visuals (animations can be pre-set in realtime footage, so that one doesn't really count) shown in that video are just way to advanced for a multiplatform title. Although, I could believe it for a PC game.

Omega43357d ago

I know Ubisoft are great developers but DAMN, that looks crazy good

Considering there was no HUD it could be CGI or a target render, but thats would be one crazy target render