Guerilla Games Attending E3? Seb Says "No Comment"

Game Of Honor: There have been some rumors surrounding Sony's Guerilla Games by skipping an apparience at this years E3. As much as I would love to see what Guerilla Games has up there sleeves but...

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chidori6663361d ago

ummm....... killzone 3 information in E3?

iamtehpwn3361d ago

could be a NEW IP they're working on.
That's even more exciting, if you ask me. ;P
Although, I did enjoy KZ2

Hellsvacancy3361d ago

Co-op baby (i can live and hope)

El_Colombiano3361d ago

Could you imagine ANOTHER game running on the Killzone 2 engine? I mean, outside the Killzone universe, actually, a non-FPS! WRPG!

RememberThe3573361d ago

AAAHhhhh! Don't get my mind going like that. It's not fare. Now if I don't get a WRPG using the Killzone 2 engine I'm going to be disappointed.

SuperM3360d ago

Thats their next game. Its for the PSP and might be announced at e3

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MoneyMarko3361d ago


who wrote this article?!

cronaldo73361d ago

a blog

deshon093361d ago

dlc if any thing is what i think they will talk about it the attend e3

Lotard33361d ago

I'm guessing that 2010 is a bit hopeful for a release, considering the long development cycle for KZ2. Would be nice though.

thebudgetgamer3361d ago

most of that time for k2 was building the engine to run it and with that in place it should be easier for the next one.


nightelfmohawk3361d ago

yeah, it's like all the Unreal Engine whores who use it in all their games. The same can be done with the KZ 2 engine.

Agheil3361d ago

HMMMMMMmmmmmm.......Killzone 3?

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The story is too old to be commented.