Microsoft: Pay-Per-"P" Video Marketplace Prices Were Correct

Kotaku writes:

"The $9 price for one-hour episodes of some Xbox 360 Video Marketplace content was correct, the company said, following our post from yesterday.

Yesterday we reported that some content on the Xbox 360 Video Marketplace was priced in a way that seemed like it could have been a typo. High-def videos for some HD Net pro wrestling and MMA series are labeled at 720 Microsoft Points ($9). Standard-def was selling for 480 points.

"The specific videos you're highlighting are download-to-own, and are priced based on our agreement with the partner," a Microsoft spokesperson told us through e-mail today. (All TV shows on the Xbox 360 video marketplace are download-to-own)."

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GiantEnemyCrab3391d ago (Edited 3391d ago )

That seems rather steep.

Sunny_D3391d ago

it's a F'ing ripoff and scam.

Bnet3433391d ago

Yeah, this is a jip, but like jack who said, go look at iTunes. $1.99 for a music video.

SRU96003391d ago

Nobody is getting "scammed".

If you don't like the prices, don't purchase the content.
If enough people do that, maybe the prices will be lowered.

I happen to think that pay-per-view events on television are retardedly overpriced, but people continue to purchase the events, so the prices stay high.

rambi803391d ago (Edited 3391d ago )

I agree with SRU

Companies have the right to price their product according to their valuation of it.

We have the right to ignore them. i love killzone 2 but i'm not going to pay for maps that are put out within 2 months. That's just me, everyone values things differently.

Except for burnout paradise and a few other exceptions i stay away from DLC cause in my opinion lot of it is also a rip-off and if we indulge it will never change. I've been spoilt by PC gaming in this regard.

KwietStorm3391d ago

Yea, that's always the right thing to say, but how often does it work? You have to have A LOT of people not buying in order for these companies to take note, and more often than not, people are willing to shell out dollars without a second thought.

SRU96003391d ago

Well, that's how life goes.

rambi803391d ago

@Kwiet storm

True, you have a point there. that is why competition is important. Can u imagine what these companies would be up to if they did not have any competition?

Even if i dont own a console i am glad to see it do well. Cause it means i get better content as a result of competition (in theory at least)

But there are a lot of alternative to getting media anyway.

ShabzS3391d ago

dude its not steep its a rip off... 10 bucks for a crappy scrubs episode ... its crazy

FlameBaitGod3390d ago

Ill stay watching free TV episodes + movies on my PS3 Browser ty

gaffyh3390d ago

It's a rip-off but MS have the right to price their services however they want. The people who pay for it, deserve to be ripped off for being so stupid, and I can guarantee there's at least one person who will pay.

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lord_of_balrogs3391d ago

You can't blame MS here, blame whoever the partner is.

ThatCanadianGuy3391d ago

Of course you can't blame microsoft.That would mean breaking the cardinal rule of 360 fanboyism...

Bnet3433391d ago

Canadian, you shouldn't be talking, you yourself are a fanboy.

ThatCanadianGuy3391d ago (Edited 3391d ago )

Yeah? ...and? I never said i wasn't.In fact, i take pride in owning the most sophisticated gaming console of all time.I look at my 360 and feel shame..

Care to explain what that has to do with MS not being at fault here?
Or, is that all you can say? "Bu bu but you're a fanboy!!"

SRU96003391d ago

I find it hard to take people seriously when they have "420" at the end of their name...

Bnet3433391d ago

I don't need to explain anything to you if you read the article which you didn't by the sounds of it. I'm not a 360 fanboy and I didn't say anything, it was balrogs and what would be the point anyway. Talking sense to a fanboy is like talking to a brick wall. You'll never get it. It's your nature.

GiantEnemyCrab3391d ago

"I look at my 360 and feel shame.."

Really? You feel shame?

I'm not buying that CanadianGuy you don't seem to be that unreasonable.

RememberThe3573391d ago

If hes a fanboy would he be the perfect person to talking about the cardinal rules of fanboyism?

kaveti66163390d ago

There's no problem with liking your console, or even loving it, but being a fanboy for your console makes you a degenerate POS. It's a fact. Loving an electronic device so much that you would actually perform intercourse with it is not cool bro, so please, don't ever post anything like that again because the rest of us don't want to hear about your exploits. And tis true, MS is known for ripping people off, but in this situation it is more than likely a decision by the owner of the videos to make the price as high as it is. And it's not hard to say you own the most sophisticated piece of technology every. When Tomagachi's came out they were more sophisticated than 90 percent of everything that came before them. It doesn't make Tomagachis sophisticated. The Playstation 3 is a pretty cool tech, but it's not any more sophisticated than the 360 IMO. And as it is a console, it pretty much became outdated the day of its release. No offense fanboy, but you ought to be a little more modest when it comes to your perverted love for your console.

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FamilyGuy3391d ago


For one hour of content? Is this live streamed or something? Here's some advice: buy a link card, $25 gets you 6 months... i should really just stop there but.

It's noteworthy to say that videos can be played from external devices like sd cards (+ card reader and usb cable) or even burned as data on cds and dvds

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