Official Course Listing for Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10

As announced on EA Sports Live today, here is the official course listing for the PS3/360.

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DoucheVader3236d ago

No mini golf courses again this year! :P

DoucheVader3236d ago

How the Wii version stacks up. Is it just a rendition of the Golf game that comes with Wii?

DJ3236d ago

are comparable to the new Madden. EA seems to be improving little by little.

DoucheVader3236d ago

Is known for it's beautiful vistas. I just don't see how the Wii can really pull it off.

Rob Hornecker3236d ago

I always enjoy this game since theres not many other golf games out there.Hot shots for the PS3 and the couple that are on XBLA are to cartoonish for my tastes. The motion control for the Wii is cool and it will be interesting to see how sony and MS adapt there motion control to games like tiger.

The one thing I miss from the older TWG is the "tiger vision". That was a great feature that would let novice gaming duffers enjoy the game a little more.PLEASE EA reconsider this feature in the next TWG.

I also hope that EA may adapt some of the older courses from other TWG games into "course packs".I won't mind shelling out some $$$ for some more courses. But not 800 MS points for only one course.