GT: Fight Night Round 4 - Cotto Vs. Chavez Gameplay

Will Cotto be able to go the distance with boxing legend Julio Cesar Chavez?

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kingOVsticks3385d ago

this game looks very fluid and the graphics are really step up from Fight night round 3. I also like the meter bars, lets you know whats happening to your fighter rather than guessing. Just like in a real fight, if your ribs hurt or your losing your breath you don't pursue as much or you make a better attempt to block yourself. The meter bars will make a difference in the gameplay exp but F_ck you EA for not putting in hollyfield,mayweather,and triniad >:(

FFXNo13385d ago

The graphics are very good, but the models look like crap. They look overweight and they don't look nothing like the real boxers.

kornbeaner3385d ago

the vids for UFC looked that same, but now that the demo is out that game is a First day purchase for me.

The wrong I see with this game:

1. The meters. It going to destroy the gameplay, it will make the gameplay move in blocks of action when the meters are full and then go to a game of chase as the player with the low meter runs like a b!tch. Animation that express the way the boxers state is much like UFC will be way better suited to give that authentic experience.

2. Fight style. I'm I playing Fight night or Mortal Kombat because the way the fighters stand appear very similar

3. Camera. WTF is going on with the camera everytime a fighter gets hit, it looks annoying I want a standard camera that will keep me focus on the action and nothing more. I don't flash, I need functionality

4. Speed. These guys were lightweights, where is the quickness that is so prevalent amongst that classes division.

Like I said this can all be because of the video, Give me demo that plays well and this might be another titles that sneaks into my first day purchase wish list.

kingOVsticks3384d ago

1. In FNR3 3 you had a option of turning the hud off why wouldn't you have the same option in FNR4?

2.not really :/

3.The camera is like that to give it more of a dramatic frantic feel but I wouldn't be surprised if there was a option to keep the camera standard.

4.Yea, there are moving kinda slow

why are you guys being so critical anyway, pointing out the negatives before the positives makes you no different than those bias edge journalist.