x360a Review: Fallout 3's Broken Steel

x360a writes: "Bethesda's first two DLC additions to Fallout 3, Operation Anchorage and The Pitt, were both essentially self-contained adventures. Each offered a few hours of new quests, a couple new weapons, and a perk or two, but nothing fundamentally gameplay changing. Once their quest lines ended, neither DLC pack had much to offer. Broken Steel, the third DLC pack for Bethesda's award winning game, ups the ante considerably, and continues to add to the Fallout 3 experience well after the quest line is complete, making a truly must-own addition to the game. While players will have to complete the game's main quest line to get to Broken Steel's story, the other benefits (higher level cap, new perks, etc.) will be available immediately upon download.

Broken Steel has changed the game's ending to be less ... final than it used to be. Upon reaching the ending of the game's final quest, players now have a third option on who will activate Project Purity. At this point, the game ends as you'll remember it, with the same final cinematic reflection on the choices you've made. As soon as that ends, "Two Weeks Later" will appear on the screen, and you'll immediately be at the start of Broken Steel's quest line..."

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