Preview of Final Fantasy Agito XIII by Portable RPG

Let us review all we know about the game of the Fabula Nova Crystallis that Square Enix plans to release on PSP. Final Fantasy Agito XIII make the Crisis Core experience enter a new dimension with several enhancements.

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skatezero2463358d ago

Sweet good read makes me want to get it even more now ....

JoySticksFTW3358d ago

I thought Crisis Core was great, so I'm really pumped about Agito XIII

40cal3358d ago

Its time for all Final Fantasy fans to get a PS3 and PSP if you dont have either already.

skatezero2463358d ago

Agreed Crisis Core was great

mastiffchild3358d ago

Given how hey're dragging their heels with Dissidia and FF13(for us western types)this might be out after the next iteration of the PSP itself. Whatever it comes on though it really sounds cool.

Andrez923358d ago

i cant wait for dis game!!