Almost 12% of US Games Biz Laid Off

Nearly 8,500 games industry workers have lost their jobs since July 2008, says analyst Wanda Meloni. Let us once again reiterate: The games industry is not immune to the recession.

When times are tough, corporations start cutting their work force. When it comes to the bottom line, the games industry behaves no differently than any other. By M2 analyst Wanda Meloni's count, 8,450 game makers have been laid off since July 2008. An overwhelming 75 percent of job reductions happened in North America. In other words, 12 percent of the US games industry is out of work.

There have also been at least 13 studio closings, she notes in her latest briefing. Victims include the likes of 3D Realms, Ensemble, and Microsoft's ACES. Others are on life support.

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