GameSpy: Pyramids and Plunder: Warhammer Online's Land of the Dead

GameSpy writes: "The Land of the Dead, the new region introduced in the final chapter of Warhammer Online's Call to Arms event, will feel more like a console-style experience than anything that WAR has seen before.

Scheduled for release in June, this latest WAR content update will open up a new RvR-gated territory, and players will fight for the right of first access to it. Like anything else in WAR, accolades are earned by destroying your fellow player, in this case the conflict being a race between the forces of Order and Destruction to secure resources that will support the construction of airships. These zeppelins will then transport the "winning team" over to this new region, the arid wastes that are home to the infamous Tomb Kings."

+18 new public quests
+New dungeon
+Indiana Jones-inspired designs

-Content is almost exclusively for level 40 characters

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