TeamXbox: Split/Second Hands-On Preview

TeamXBox writes: "It's a normal thing for the TeamXbox staff to get a look at a game ahead of its release, with hands-on gameplay generally coming no sooner than a couple of months before it's released. This ensures that people will see the game is at a late stage of its development, when it's in a near-final form and its quality is high.

That's what's so baffling about our recent experience with Split/Second, the racing game that's being developed for Disney Interactive by BlackRock Studios (which did Disney's Pure last year). Members of the gaming press were brought to Disneyland-after, truth be told, taking rides on some attractions within the California Adventure portion of the park-and given the opportunity to grab a controller to try a race for themselves. Granted, there was only one race on a particular course within the Airport environment, and only using one of the muscle cars, but there was plenty of action to get the gist of what the game will be about."

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