NZGamer: Gaming: A Woman's Perspective

NZGamer writes: "Women are gaming more now than ever.

What will it take to get more of us picking up the controller?

I am a girl gamer. I am an anomaly. I am a minority in an industry dominated by males. I'm a girl, I play video games, and this is freakish."

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madjedi3389d ago (Edited 3389d ago )

My 2 nieces play halo 3, gears of war and left 4 dead, the youngest one also play girly ds games, my sister also plays regular games and the sim.

Girl gamers already have games targeted at their gender they are on the ds/wii ect. Sorry but i am unconvinced that 40% of the people i kill on killzone2 are female gamers, petz might be another story.

And you divided most all the women in video games into either a support or eye candy for guys, minus 2 or 3 exceptions.

So rayne from bloodrayne 1 and 2 was just eye candy and didn't do anything worthwhile in her games.

And nariko from heavenly sword the central character, does nothing relevent and is there merely for men to stare at.

Men aren't generally attractive looking that is why, when a male protanganist is uglier than hell no one cares, having said that i refuse to play as a butt ugly as female.

And as a gamer, espically a female gamer how the hell do you forget to include the original ass kicking one woman army that is samus aran.

The character that made male games around the world, say the collective holy sh&t, this chick isn't a helpless princess that needs to be rescued.

I don't have an issue with stronger female or minority, characters/leads in game, as long as the game doesn't suck because of it.

You mention sheva from re5, but jill valentine from resident evil 1 & 3 or claire redfield from re2 aren't worth mentioning.

If devs start making games that push the political agenda of n.o.w or (insert race here), that is a dev that will never recieve a penny from me.

If i wanted to be badgered by various political groups i would have an interest in politics.

I am still waiting for someone to show me the slightest relevence as to how the main character's sexuality matters in a game.