Nintendo reveals E3 conference date/time

All eyes will be watching Nintendo this year when Satoru Iwata, Cammie Dunaway, Reggie Fils-Aime, and other representatives take the stage at this year's E3.

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qface643359d ago

ya know id just be happy at E3 if they just gave cammie the boot her alone makes it less interesting even if all they showed was 1 games with cammie there its a real downer
let her do something else

ChickeyCantor3359d ago


As long they actually present some interesting topics, she can stay imo. Poor woman hahahah

hatchimatchi3359d ago

cammie is vice president of sales & marketing at nintendo, so her presentation will probably have something to do with sales. Also, last year e3 was more geared towards the press, this year it's back to the booth babes and all around madness that e3 has been known for, so i expect all 3 shows from nintendo, microsoft and sony to be much better than they were last year. Especially sony and nintendo. I expect some big announcements. Microsoft, not so much. That is unless they have an ace up their sleeves and are playing coy with everyone.

Homicide3359d ago

I hope it doesn't suck like last year and the year before that.

gumgum993359d ago

Nintendo showing this year will have to, at least, be like the one from 2005 or 6 to stimulate a sort of "comeback" for the hardcore gamer.

At this point, anything is better than the nightmare that was E3 2008

LordMarius3359d ago

So when I wake up they are going to put me back to sleep

JJFNIGHTS803359d ago

Last year at Nintendo's E3 conference really sucks. All they talk about is SALES AND SOFTWARES, and who's playing games male or females. It's because of Cammie Dunaway make last year Nintendo press conference so boring. I couldn't watch the rest of it. I just hope NO BIG 3 COMPANIES CAN STOP TALKING ABOUT HARDWARE N SOFTWARE SALES AND KEEP SHOWING MORE NEW GAMES.

Cajun Chicken3359d ago

Now I have a good reason to watch this this time; A Wii.

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The story is too old to be commented.