Quality over Quantity: PS3 RPGs

Gary of

"The complaint heard around the world was and is American PlayStation 3 owners in a fuss over having next to no RPGs on the Sony powerhouse. The Role Playing genre was once prominent on past Sony consoles, confusion arose when Japanese RPG developers decided to reinforce the Xbox 360 gaming catalog."

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cmrbe3389d ago

If you haven't bought it yet. Do yourself a favour and go and buy it now.

I have always been an action adventure guy but VC completely sold me on RPG's.

You Already Know3389d ago

I wanted VC for so long, but couldn't make the room for another game no matter how badly I wanted to pick up an RPG again....

but when I found out that gamestop had it for $30....I picked it up immediately...and I mean someone told me what the price was....I typed "brb" and 15 minutes later I have the game and start playing....

the game is great and I don't think that any RPG in this generation has yet to match it....but that title reign could soon be over...

GWAVE3389d ago

Yep. VC is probably the best and most innovative RPG on consoles so far this gen. It's funny how some fanboys will argue so vehemently about review scores and Metacritic scores then all of a sudden when it comes to RPGs this gen they seem to forget about scores and how VC is the highest-scoring JRPG this gen by a wide margin.

They also forget that the PS3 has Oblivion and Fallout 3, two of the biggest multiplatform WRPGs this gen. On top of that, they forget that the PS3 has Eternal Sonata and (soon) Tales of Vesperia, two games that 360 fanboys previously bragged about.

Obama3389d ago

Even the story of VC is is pure gold in terms of both gameplay and story.

Bebedora3388d ago (Edited 3388d ago )

So in what sony-building are you guys working at? lol

Chill out. Take a beer/cola and relax

INehalemEXI3388d ago (Edited 3388d ago )

Demons Souls is crap your pants good. you will sh!t a brick and feel proud you did.

heroicjanitor3388d ago (Edited 3388d ago )

I want it but I'm not sure if I want it enough to crap a brick out for it...

Edit: Can I get friend to do it for me? I knew a guy in school and the brick would practically fall out of his ass, if you know what I mean...

Bnet3433388d ago

I don't count SRPG's as traditional RPG's. A game like VC is a strategy game with RPG elements. I will say this, Folklore is severely underrated. Very good use of motion controls.

SaiyanFury3388d ago

The author didn't even mention Demon's Souls as the best hardcore RPG this time around so far. I realise he was talking about games released in the US, but considering the PS3 is region free for games you can always import from other places. I got Demon's Souls day one and it's singlely the most addictive game for me this time around.

meepmoopmeep3388d ago

VC is one of my favorite games of ALL TIME
it's splendid.

it was always a Day One buy from me and i wasn't prepared for how awesome it would end up.

I_am_rushin3388d ago

I would, but I have a policy not to support developers that don't support the full potential of my console. In this case: trophies.

rockleex3388d ago

Lets hope they up the ante with the next game in the series by adding regular RPG aspects to it too. Make it a hybrid kind of like Suikoden! ^_^

Suikoden 2 was so awesome. I think VC has a chance of competing with what Suikoden 2 brought to the table, if only they up the ante in their next game. ^_^

Obama3388d ago

@ rockleex

Suikoden 2 is one of my favorite jrpg, glad that someone mentioned it. Suikoden 2 also has a great story that rivals only by few rpgs.

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Canary3389d ago

Quick run-through of PS3-exclusive RPGs:

-Disgaea 3
-Valkyria Chronicles

Erm... and I missing one? Don't get me wrong. I absolutely love Disgaea 3 and I adore Valkyria Chronicles, but those are more SRPGs than RPGs. The PS3 simply does not have any exclusive, traditional RPGs.

The 360, however, has... Star Ocean, IUD, FAble II, and Lost Odyssey.

To be honest, there are barely any RPGs this generation and most of 'em are pretty bad. If you really want to make a Quality>Quantity argument, ya pretty much HAVE to look at previous generations--you know, back when we had BOTH.

You Already Know3389d ago

while I didn't personally write this article...

I think an and RPG no matter how you break them down or classify them and Folklore was mediocre at best to me...

and valkyria Chronicles is definitely an RPG no matter how you slice it...


You do know your list is horrible right?

Star Ocean, IUD, FAble II, and Lost Odyssey.

Star ocean 4: HORRIBLE
Fable 2: Trash and most people agree it did not live up to the hype like the original fable.
IUD: Pure garbage like Square this generation.
Lost Odyssey: The BEST out of this list and easily crushes everything on the 360.

Canary3388d ago

My list of 360-exclusive RPGs is horrible... because you don't like most of them?


How does that make ANY sense?

Ichiryoka3388d ago

Demons's Soul's and a crapload of rpgs that are soon to be released...but I will not get into that because I'm sure you know what they are...

ThatCanadianGuy3388d ago

No but, seriously, Demon's Souls > Anything else (Even VC)

It really is one of the best RPG's this gen.

callahan093388d ago

Pelvic Thrust:

I'm a PS3 fan, and I think the console gets undeserved criticism and doesn't get the credit it deserves in many regards. I'm also a 360 fan. There, we're done with the background check... You're dead wrong about Fable 2. It's one of the best games this generation, for me. I can understand some people not loving it as much as I did, but to think it was "trash?" Does not compute.

Anyway, my favorite RPG this generation is White Knight Chronicles. I think the American audience is going to gobble it up when it comes out in English. It's a really addictive game, kind of like an MMO-lite with gorgeous artistic design and a decent mythology.

Unless you count Folklore as an RPG. Because that game is downright stunning in its pure graphical/artistic beauty, with the best implementation of motion controls into a classic style video game, a great story, and an addictive adult pokemon-esque style. I love that game.

raztad3388d ago


Couldnt agree more with you about Folklore. 2 diferent perspectives, one single engaging and mature storyline, beautiful art style, very fun combat, Folklore is IMO 8.5/10 at least. Very very underrated, I think some "reviews" are partialy responsible for the fate of this game. I just CANT believe someone scored Folklore 7/10. Unbelievable.

Highly hoping WKC. Meanwhile VC is keeping me very busy.

zoneofenders3388d ago

demon soul baby!!!!!!!!!!

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eagle213389d ago

Shoddy = 360 :)

SO4 78 metacritic

Etseix3389d ago

even if Star Flop 4: The Last Flop (or somehting like that lol) got a 74 or anything, i want it on ps3 lol, i already have 1-2 for psp, 3 for ps2 now this one to complete the series :D
----------------------------- ------------------------------- --------
on topic, i dont need to read the article, the title says all, and YES QUALITY OVER QUANTITY

i dont need too many games coming out (still THEY ARE coming out) from SONY, i dont have money for all the games lol, 1 by 1 is good not 2-3 on a month that always kills my wallet o_o'

Obama3389d ago

lol almost all 360 exclusive jrpg rated 70 something. VC scores 10+ higher than those mediocre titles.

Remember how the bots praise Lost Odyssey when it is only rated 78 on metracritic. They also can't use Vesperia as their trump card now (the only jrpg scoring 80+) since the upgraded version is coming to the ps3.

Shadow Man3388d ago

ok, enjoy xbox360 leftovers

OmarJA3388d ago

Ok, thank you for testing the betas for us... :D

I'll enjoy these games with the exclusive contents.

Obama3388d ago

It's not so much a leftover when the ps3 version have 2x the script and voice acting, additional characters and moves.

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cmrbe3389d ago

is Disgaea 3 like VC?.

If it is the i will stop everything i am doing and going out to buy it now.

GaryofGamingVice3389d ago

yes sir its a lot like Valkyria Chronicles but its 2d on a 3d plane and a little less difficult

cmrbe3389d ago

Ok. See you guys in 3 days or 4 days. I am now off to buy it now!.

callahan093388d ago

It's also significantly deeper in terms of gameplay and options. It's grid-based as opposed to "free" like VC is, but it plays similarly, except that you have characters level independently instead of as a class, and you can reincarnate your characters and do all sorts of ridiculously deep things to overpower any or all of your characters to the point of insanity. That includes an item world where you can go in and power up all of your individual weapons or equipment, the character world where you can teach your characters new abilities they otherwise wouldn't ever be able to learn, and the fact that the highest level attainable is freakin' 9999. It's a really deep game with infinite options in terms of gameplay. The story isn't serious like Valkyria Chronicles though. It's definitely a satire.

cmrbe3388d ago

I already bought it. If its anything like VC i will most likely be not around in 3 or 4 days.

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It's correct. Valkyria Chronicles DESTROYS anything on the 360 jrpg wise. Hell nothing on the 360 even comes close to touching Valkyira Chronicles. Funny thing is that Sega offered the game to Microsoft FIRST and they said NO THANK YOU and decided to pursue another generic jrpg, Sega then sent it to the PS3 and by fluke, created one of the best games this generation. Then Sega gave us sonic unleashed right after VC and in a show of crapulance, outsold VC with ease.

cmrbe3389d ago

What idiots.

I am not sure if its a fluke though. VC is just one freaking great game. Its seriously giving Uncharted big competition for my 2nd fave game this gen with MGS4 at number 1. Once i started playing it i played it for 26 hours non stop. It was that good for me.

Obama3389d ago

Call me crazy but I actually enjoy VC more than mgs4, killzone2, and RE5. They are all great games but VC is my favorite game out of all of them.

And no 360 jrpg touches VC in terms of quality. The only great jrpg Vesperia is also coming to the ps3 with all the additional goods.

UltimateIdiot9113388d ago

You're not. I also think VC is better than MGS4 and anything I've played this gen. I've gotten a few disagree about VC being better than MGS4 but that's fine. MGS4 is also top notch.

Hallucinate3388d ago

aye VC wont be topped anytime soon..uncharted 2 wont even come close and thats a story driven game

maniacmayhem3388d ago (Edited 3388d ago )

Wha... just where are you getting this info from? Its true that it was developed on the 360 but then it was switched over to PS3 for one possible reason is that the game was originally planned to only be released in Japan, and considering the Xbox 360’s lackluster sales in that region, Sega made the safe decision to develop the game on the PS3 exclusively. It might have been the near unanimous positive reception Western gamers gave Valkyria Chronicles that forced Sega to bring it our way.

nycredude3388d ago

All this props given to VC is warranted but I wish more of you guys have imported Demon's SOuls. I just got my copy last week and I have to say that game is freaking great! Totally rewarding experience and addictive as crack! Only game so far this gen that has me scared to die in it!

cmrbe3388d ago (Edited 3388d ago )

no you are not crazy at all. VC by luck i bought it because i was looking to buy a strategy game. I was originally going to buy Tom Clancys end war but someone thank god recomended VC here on N4G. I did my research and IGN gave it a 9.1 and i like what IGN like about it.

VC sat on my self for about 3 months brand new but when i first played it it completely floored me. I kept wondering why on earth VC didn't win any sales award or critic award or anything.

From the opening cinamtic to the end i was completely blown away. Uncharted and MGS4 i anticipated them for a long time but VC just caught me offgaurd. The Graphics is unique, the gameplay is unlike anything i played before. Extremely fun. The story was just superb, can't say enough good things about it. The cutscene were just amazing. The story telling pacing is very similar to MGS4 which is why i love it even more. VC is that kind of game you take your time playing it and savor every moment which i did. I love the change in pace from your normal hectic shooter or action adventure. I played VC after KZ2.

No i understand completely why some people have it as their number 1 game.

For me i have always prefered Action adventure games and why MGS4 and Uncharted are both at 1 and 2 for me but the more i play VC the more i like it and as i said before. Its giving uncharted stiff competition for my number two fave this gen sofar.

Just bought Disgaea 3. If its half as good as VC i will be over the moon.

@nycredude. Demon Soul is noted. Please let me know of any other games like VC. I hope Sega is working on VC2. That would be the ultimate.

Obama3388d ago (Edited 3388d ago )

Glad that everyone seems to like the game, bubble for everyone.

And I am confident that VC will get a sequel or a prequel since the game may take place before VC.

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