GameZone Interview: Motion Capturing with Resident Evil 5's Reuben Langdon

GameZone writes: "While playing games like Resident Evil 5 and Devil May Cry 4, few realize that, in addition to the endless hours spent programming the gameplay to perfection, a great deal of time and effort is dedicated to making the games look as beautiful as possible. As one of the most prominent motion capture actors, Reuben Langdon has been a part of this process for quite some time. You may have never realized it, but there's a good chance he's been in one (or several) of your favorite games.

"I got into motion capture about 11 years ago," Langdon told us during our recent interview. "My first mo-cap job, Resident Evil: CODE Veronica, at the time it was interesting technology. I had heard about it. They brought me on board and it was cool seeing myself as a computer-generated guy, who obviously looked different from the way I looked but had my moves."

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