The Power of Infamous

Eurogamer: "Sucker Punch talks about the game".

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Mucudadada3181d ago

Great Video. It does a great job of laying down the basics of the game. I personally love the demo and will buy it day one. I can't wait to see everyone's reaction to it when it comes out on the 21st.

Beg For Mercy3181d ago

Cell Is fantastic, thats why if you havent noticed animation on the ps3 only games is really unmatched

thewhoopimen3181d ago (Edited 3181d ago )

The amount of physics, animation, and lighting going on is really impressive. The gas station blowing up doesn't look like lego blocks falling apart like in Red Faction 2. The ragdoll animations are far more realistic than the hackey sack crap that still pervades other like "prototype" Very very impressed.

SmokingMonkey3181d ago

i am really hoping for custom soundtracks in inFamous. just to have that gta roaming through the streets to 80's tracks would just put this game WAY over the top.

DFogz3181d ago

I downloaded the demo last night and I love this game! Definitely a day 1 for me.
The first time I played through I pretty much just did the mission and nothing else. The second time I did the first mission then spent close to 2 hours just exploring and having fun! Everyone with a PS3 should own this game.