David Jaffe Reveals New Twisted Metal Info?

Earlier today, David Jaffe posted an photograph of an email, detailing his upcoming, unannounced video game. It had certain areas completely blurred out, but it was an interesting read nevertheless. In fact, if you look close enough you're able to decipher the hidden text fairly accurately, enough so that Jaffe actually updated the image to have the writing blocked out even more, but Gamervision has the original image.

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Doctor_Doom3272d ago (Edited 3272d ago )

Its going to be HUGE really HUGE list of exclusive titles

TheHater3272d ago

David Jaffe said his company new game might not be at E3. So don't get your hopes up for this company new game. But he did however stated that as soon as they are read to show there new game, they will show it.

Panthers3272d ago

Yea dont think his game will be at E3. Unless he is a liar, which would be cool.

DragonWarrior465343272d ago (Edited 3272d ago )

Jaffe has already said hes not showing his new game @ E3. Sorry to burst your bubbles guy's.. If you ask where did I get that info? All you need to do is watch Geoff Keighly's bonus round once in a while. Patcher actually did call him out about his new game being the new Twisted Metal. Patcher actually didn't know that Jaffe made the original Twisted Metals, but you should have seen the look on Jaffe's face when Patcher called him out. It was like,, dude, stfu. lol. All you need is common sense to know its the new Twisted Metal.

Jaffe even explained how he would do it the next time he made one, and he said that GTA pretty much changed the way games are made, and everyone expects you to get out of your car and do other things besides kill each other. So there you have it. Watch the latest bonus round now if you dont believe me. Its the one with jeff gerstman , patcher, and jaffe.

Edit. Right now it seems as if Sony cant be beat. Which is incredible considering what position they are in the console war and all the fan boy media they had to deal with. Its truly amazing how much effort they are putting towards their 1st party games. But, I do hope that Microsoft and Nintendo have something huge the counter it. It seemed as if last year all Microsoft tried to do was take exclusive third party games from Sony. But Sony proved that its all about the first parties.

3272d ago
Sitdown3272d ago

"Right now it seems as if Sony cant be beat. Which is incredible considering what position they are in the console war and all the fan boy media they had to deal with. Its truly amazing how much effort they are putting towards their 1st party games."

Your statement seems like a say that right now Sony can't be beat, but then allude to the idea that they are being beat. Anyhow........hopefully E3 for everybody will be greater than last years showing.

Mindboggle3272d ago

Is anyone really interested in playing twisted metal these days ?

It was fun back then but i doubt it will be now unless theyre doing something amazing and different with it, which I expect they are doing.

Lifendz3272d ago

BTW, shame on MS for keeping its entire announcement in the dark. This is friggin May and 360 owners don't know what they're getting this year. So glad I opted for a PS3. Bring on E3!

RememberThe3573272d ago

If the gameplay mechanics aren't updated, then no. But if they have updated it and added new gameplay aspects, I'm sure people would love some more mindless mayhem

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SolidAhmed3272d ago

if it is about TM3 then i am excited because i see it wonderful to change the game by making it go more in depth.

Rather just a simple race action cars.

Monolith3272d ago

race action cars there is no racing in twisted metal, play the game fool

CaseyRyback_CPO3272d ago

you really can tell who just started this gen.

Trebius3272d ago

The new Generation of gamers cant help it though...they just dont know...its not their fault.

Persistantthug3272d ago

Twisted Metal 3 has already been done bro....over 10 years ago.

Kleptic3272d ago

if you are speaking of Twisted Metal 3 for the PS1...that hardly counts...any true TM fan acts as if TM 3 and 4, developed by 989 studios, and NOT singletrac/Incognito as well as Jaffe, never happened...they completely lost track of what made 1 and 2 so great...

but many regard TM head on, be it the PSP original or the PS2 port as the real TM 3...with many familiar areas from TM 2...and a lot of the same cars/drivers...

anyone that has played head on for the PS2 probably read some of the history of what happened with TM: Black 2...which was canceled...but was supposed to be the first open world twisted metal this rumor of the PS3 TM title being open world is probably pretty true...

I am hoping for a dark and violent Black like sequel though...I loved all the 'normal' TM games too...but there was something completely awesome about black's art style and music...would love to see a PS3 render something along those lines...

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Monolith3272d ago

bring it jaffe, ive been waiting

RememberThe3573272d ago

I never would have thought. lol.

fishd3272d ago

After reading that,8 days was the first thing that came to my mind!lol

SnuggleBandit3272d ago

idk if you are talking about the game or a particular time lol but that game did look amazing before it was cancelled

eagle213272d ago

Teaser at E3 is my guess.

-MD-3272d ago

He said multiple times over the past few months the game won't be ready to reveal at E3 and it'll have it's own little announcement later down the line.

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