The Portable Podcast: Episode #2

The Portable Gamers write:

"The Portable Podcast locks into a groove as Rob and Jason discuss hardware lust & the roots of their portable gaming obsession. Throw in reader voicemails, short attention span editing, an interview with Imangi Studios, and 140 character audio reviews, and Episode 2 is ready to roll."

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CrAppleton3272d ago

Awesome podcast! Looking forward to many more of these

Neco5123272d ago

Very awesome cast. Why didn't I hear of the first one?

roblef3272d ago

@Neco512 because, apparently, we suck. :) It's at the same address as the 2nd. Subscribe in iTunes for automagic future ones.

CrAppleton3272d ago

I like how the production levels are through the roof!

killyourfm3272d ago

Thanks Crappleton! It only took us 3 weeks to produce :-(
But totally worth it. Chasing down a Robert Ashley/Life Well Wasted vibe.

Neco5123272d ago

THREE WEEKS??? Holy crap! That's insane

roblef3272d ago

Editing alone took 3 hours. :) But, yeah, it's worth it to me. Also, Jaden produces some NICE music bed music. i particularly liked the first, nintendo-esque one

killyourfm3272d ago

@2.3: That only took you 3 hours? I'm stunned. I'm a stunned monkey.

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reluctant_gamer3272d ago

It was a great listen for the bus/car ride home! It was full of lust... do I sense some unrequited guy love?