TNG Gamer Girl 2

Name: Kiki Landry
Age: 19
Eye Colour: Hazel
Hair Colour: Auburn
Breast Size: 40 DD
Height: 5'8 1/2

..."Andrew Weymes of The Nightly Gamer (PSN ID: Mr_Weymes ~~ Xbox Live Gamertag: MrWeymes) says:
I never really got into any of those consoles. I really started gaming with the Nintendo 64 which is probably why I prefer 3D gaming.

??????¯?Kiki??????¯? And It's Obvious That Your Dying Dying Just Living Proof That The Camera's Lying. And Oh Oh Open Wide... says:
yeah probably. i started off on the atari

Andrew Weymes of The Nightly Gamer (PSN ID: Mr_Weymes ~~ Xbox Live Gamertag: MrWeymes) says:
I approve of you, though."

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MrWeymes3386d ago

Well, what caught my attention about her was when she said she was busting out of a 40DD bra. I don't really discriminate when it comes to women on my site. Not every lady has to be 100 pounds to be sexy. Personal opinion.

MrWeymes3386d ago

Everyone hates the bigger ladies, I guess. Maybe I'm just a sick bastard.

MrWeymes3386d ago

185, but most of that is in the chest. ;) The bottom as well. I can't say I mind too much.

mastiffchild3386d ago

Weymesy!!? What gives? I live my life by the opposite tenet(even have a pair of "no big birds" signs on the bedroom door!)and the, ahem, larger lady is anathema to my well being.

But Mega Man? Too easy? Whaaa?

Still whatever makes you happy you lover of the tub.

BTW, you spelled colour correctly now never use the word"cheater" when you just mean "cheat" and we're all good;)

MUNKYPOO3386d ago

fat girls are like scooters, they are fun to ride but never tell your friends or get caught riding one

MrWeymes3386d ago (Edited 3386d ago )

I'm just messed up, you guys. I like really tiny ladies, too but all of a sudden, I'll see a big lady and get fuzzy feelings.

Also, I rode a scooter to high school on the sidewalk when I was younger.

Sev3386d ago (Edited 3386d ago )

Nothing wrong with a little meat, the more cushion for the pushin'

I'd have a nice time with her. =)

too many damn ads on the site though, otherwise I like the site.

MUNKYPOO3386d ago

are you sure this isnt juken

Nike3385d ago (Edited 3385d ago )



Edit: Nothing against fat girls or anything. Just...

(Vomits again)

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News4fanboys3386d ago

MRwayemes,your a very disturbed child.

MrWeymes3386d ago (Edited 3386d ago )

You know what's messed up? I'll be out with my girlfriend who is relatively thin with a nice body and I'll still be checking out a couple big girls with larger breasts. I need group therapy or something.


Random. I profile female gamers on my site for fun. I look for the largest breasts possible. ;)

kingme713386d ago (Edited 3386d ago )

Admit it, you're trading interviews for sexual favors. Come on, you can tell me, no one will know. Be careful, 19 usually means 16 :) Ask her who was Pres when she was born and if she says George Bush, make sure you ask which one.

(Sorry, US Pres that is. I just realized you spelled colour all wrong :) like they do in the UK )

MrWeymes3386d ago (Edited 3386d ago )

I know the 19 game, don't worry. Every girl I sleep with needs to present me with two forms of I.D. Same with girls for my site. lol

(We spell colour this way in Canada as well.)

kingme713386d ago

Doh... I've heard of this Canada you speak of. Isn't that where they ship polar bears and drive big trucks over ice :)

I'm just playing with ya. It's Friday and I haven't been properly medicated.... yet

MrWeymes3386d ago

Well, I started my morning by riding a large beaver down to the maple leaf factory. I then watched a hockey game, said "eh?" 450 times in the mirror, couldn't find a gun and thought that ham was bacon for no reason at all. ;)

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kingme713386d ago

Is she someone famous or just a random gaming shlup with a vajayjay?

KionicWarlord2223386d ago

Oh my...

OH my...

wow... last pic in that article.

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