Project "Durian" Announced

Blender Foundation, responsible for the infamous open-source 3D content creation application Blender, has announced their plans for the next open movie project, codenamed "Durian".

It is planned to be inspired by many games and game-related movies, especially "Onimusha 3 Demon Siege", "Final Fantasy XIII Versus" and "Final Fantasy Advent Children".

It is interesting to note that Blender was used to create the first open movie in the world, titled "Elephants Dream" and was followed by another open movie called "Big Buck Bunny".

UPDATE: Be sure to check the "Mood Board" and the "About" pages

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kaelix3302d ago

now I'm hungry for one. :o on a side note... I never heard of this before, but if it's inspired from big games, I guess it SHOULD be good.