Game: Wheelman: Review

Game writes: "The Wheelman announces its intentions early. In fact, they're pretty much there on the box: Vin Diesel; cars; bikes; explosions. Seven and a half out of ten. There you go, review done.

In all seriousness though, turn on the game and in just a few minutes you'll know what Wheelman's all about. The opening credits unfold to an evocative Spanish guitar, the menu and intro see a camera swooping through Wheelman's wonderfully rendered Barcelona gameworld, and then you're instantly behind the wheel, speeding away from a bank robbery with cop cars in close pursuit.
New in town

The titular wheelman is Catalonia newcomer Milo Burik – played (if you hadn't guessed) by Vin Diesel. Or rather, the Madame Tussauds waxwork of him, such is the Uncanny Valley look of Wheelman's oh-so-shiny character models. Milo is the latest hotshot driver to break into Barcelona's crime-ridden underbelly… or so his new gang contacts think. In truth, he's undercover for a group known as The Agency, looking to foil a plot which could potentially be, quote-unquote (and we're still not exactly sure what this means)… "nation breaking..."

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