Game: The Godfather II: Review

Game writes: "Although EA's original Godfather game was a decent open-world shooter, it never came close to capturing the cerebral aspects of the movie. In the Francis Ford Coppola-directed classic, Vito Corleone spends a lot of time considering his family's position and planning their next move. However, in the 2006 interactive tie-in, you were just charging about in a sharp suit taking down wiseguys. It was organised crime, without much of the organised bit.

Happily, this time round, you're not just a grunt with a gun. While Michael Corleone is being investigated by a Senate commission, you've been put in charge of business; planning every raid, recruiting gang members and ensuring that the family gets to dominate the cities of Miami, New York and Havana. On the way, you'll get to take part in key elements of the Godfather II movie, handling the likes of Frank Pentangeli, Senator Pat Geary and Michael's tragically wayward brother, Fredo, as Cuba opens up to the Mafia money machine.
Making a racket

The strategic element of the game is handled through the Don's View, a map screen showing you where all the key rackets, such as drugs, prostitution, diamond-smuggling and gun-running are going down..."

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