Game: Red Faction Guerrilla: Video Review

Game writes: "Red Faction: Guerrilla is the long-awaited third game in the Red Faction FPS series - except this time, developer Volition have thrown away the first-person view, and opted to make full free-roaming third-person action game with an unparalleled level of wanton destruction!..."

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Legionaire20053235d ago

You should of mention the cons of the game. I know its annoying to talk about, but just face it no game is perfect. I have already reserve this game and Infamous. Can't wait for both games to come out.

Ellessdee3235d ago

the review didnt mention a single negative aspect. and surely there are some. i noticed some nasty frame rate drops in the ps3 demo when i rammed the walker through a building. i also managed to cause a rather hilarious glitch in the walker, which caused my to walk up an invisible ramp into the sky and then jump down and continue on as if nothing happened. then i got in one of the enemy vehicles and somehow managed to cause a glitch which propelled my cehicle very fast, causing me to fly well out of the demo bounds and up the side of a mountain.

hopefully those are just demo bugs that arnt in the full game. cause they were pretty bad. but with ll that said, its still an amazingly fun game from what ive played so far. i must of completed the demo a dozen times by now (and failed atleast twice that many times) just ground around destroying absolutely everything and ramming vehicles through buldings. its probably the most fun ive ever had in a demo. so this seems like a deffenit buy for me. but since i already preordered Infamous, im gonna have to wait a bit and get this one off gamefly.

Hondo3235d ago

I played the multi player online beta last year it wasn't that fun