Game: Hannah Montana: The Movie - Video Review

Game writes: "It came as no surprise to anyone (particularly those under the age of thirteen) when Hannah Montana: The Movie broke box office records on its opening weekend. It was the biggest ever opening for a live action children's movie ever. Little girls, it would seem, simply can't get enough of the Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana franchise …

Hannah Montanna the video game follows the movie closely, starting with a concert in which Hannah Montana has seemingly forgetten her roots. After the concert she is whipped back to her home town of Crowley Corners where she learns what really matters in life.

Like the movie, Hannah Montana the video game has two personalities. When you're in Hannah Montana's hometown, you will find yourself searching for missing objects, talking to people and generally helping people out in order to progress. But Hannah still occasionally yearns for her old life. Cue the music for the second aspect of the game which sees Hannah reliving her life as a pop star..."

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