Pocket-Lint Review: Acer Aspire 4810T notebook

Pocket-Lint: There isn't much to dislike about the 4810T. The design is somewhat conservative, but in that there is nothing to offend. Light in weight at 1.9kg, this is the sort of notebook that you can easily port around with you.

The graphics might not give you the same performance that some dedicated GPU-sporting notebooks will, but then you have that really impressive battery life. A battery span that will let you fly across the Atlantic and use your notebook all the way, or spend the day out of your conference hotel room, and know your PC is going to have you covered.

Prices for a basic Timeline models start at £549. We don't have the exact pricing for the options including in our review model, but we'd expect closer to £800. We'll update the pricing when we have full details.

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