Resident Evil Series Life-To-Date Sales Hits 40 Million

Capcom may lay claim to revered properties like Street Fighter and Mega Man, but it's the Resident Evil franchise that tops all others in the company's portfolio.

Since the original Resident Evil launched in 1996, the series has sold about 40 million units globally across 56 SKUs, Capcom said this week. The latest in the series, March's Resident Evil 5, has sold 4.4 million units to date.

The franchise sales of Resident Evil easily top those of other highly successful franchises. The 20-year-old Street Fighter franchise has sold 27 million units across 62 SKUs, while Mega Man has sold 28 million across a whopping 124 SKUs.

The next best-selling franchise is Devil May Cry, which debuted during the previous console generation and has seen one iteration on current consoles and PC.

Below are the top franchises in Capcom's portfolio, according to the company's investor relations website (unit sales, number of SKUs):

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