Modojo: Motorstorm: Arctic Edge Preview

Sony and Evolution Studios have done a slam-bang job on the MotorStorm series, establishing games that capture the intensity of off-road racing. The first two entries were exclusive to the PlayStation 3, but this fall, Sony will bring the excitement to the PlayStation Portable. Gamers concerned that MotorStorm: Arctic Edge won't be of the same caliber as the previous games have nothing to worry about.

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Hal Emmerich3361d ago

Big fan of the series on PS3 and this game seems to be shaping up pretty well, as long as it gets good reviews I'll pick it up.

Looking forward to some more footage of it at E3.

Lord_Ranos3360d ago

Yeah I like the motorstorms on ps3 too though I have the first one I'll see if I can buy Pacific Rift at a later date.

Kyur4ThePain3360d ago

Believe me, it's even better than the first one.

Knewness3357d ago

This looks promising.More reasons for me to consider the new "PSP Go"? i guess.Anyways keep em coming Sony