ARS: inFamous for the PS3 shows good, bad sides of super powers

ARS: The inFamous demo is out now for those who have preordered the game, and ironically it does a great job of selling the title to those unsure of the purchase. Distribution issues aside, Sony's upcoming gritty superhero romp brings with it a sense of power and menace.

The demo does its job in that it has us even more excited about the game; fans of Crackdown or superhero games in general will find much to love here. Grab the demo by preordering the game today, or sit this one out until the 21st when you can give it a try for yourself.

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Trollimite3362d ago

see what happens when you dont hype a game. i am in love with this game. and previewers seem to agree. this game is a stunner!

killzone 2 was dommed because we hyped the hell out of it.

this game is a first day buy for me