TPG Audio Review: Scrabble DS

The Portable Gamer continues their unique 'iCasual' series with a 2 minute audio review of Hasbro/EA's Scrabble for the Nintendo DS.

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Neco5123176d ago

Scrabble AWESOME! well not really awesome, but it's pretty cool

Neco5123176d ago

Great review! surprisingly very in depth for a short audio review

roblef3176d ago

Yes! Totally agree. Really gave a sense of this game in a short time.

supercharger51503176d ago

I saw some guys playing this during trivia the other night. I like my crosswords game but Scrabble might be a bit too intense for me on DS.

CrAppleton3176d ago

agreed.. I think I'll stick to killing people in GTA or something

killyourfm3176d ago

I've never been a scrabble fan, but Bookworm freaking slays me. That game is addicting, and I don't even typically enjoy word games.

reluctant_gamer3176d ago

I just can't spell to save my life... I've actually never played Scrabble because of that.

roblef3176d ago

@reluctant_gamer - don't librarians have to be able to spell?

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MaCkTeHkNiFe3176d ago

Oohh..... Scrabble..... Don't mean to brag, but I'm a pretty mean speller. Yup.

Microsoft Xbox 3603176d ago

This game is pretty good. I've been playing this yesterday during work and it kills time.