Watch the full Prototype introduction

Joystiq: Ladies and gentlemen, girls and boys, freaks and mutants, right here, right now, we have the full CG intro to Prototype for your viewing pleasure.

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GWAVE3209d ago

Wow. That looks pretty sweet. This, plus inFamous, should make any open-world fan happy for the next couple of months.

CaseyRyback_CPO3209d ago (Edited 3209d ago )


wolverines was pretty well done too.

Cajun Chicken3209d ago

Hell yes. Hopefully MS'll do something about Crackdown 2 too.

JokesOnYou3208d ago (Edited 3208d ago )

That was fcking SICK!...damm that trailer really sells the "feel" of the game like no other. uhm, just a Hulk clone my ass, lol. I can't wait to see how the story plays out. This game got alot of negativity from certain sony folks just because its multiplat, but in the end I think this game is going to have the those trolls looking very foolish.


FamilyGuy3208d ago

Wow, not THAT is a great way to sell a game. I can't imagine anyone not being interested in this game without being hardcore violence or something.

Does anyone else think this could have been "Resident Evil Extinction, The Game" plot wise?
You're in a city full of "zombies"
You have ultra super powers
Authority figures are against you.

The game is insane, you're a bad guy but a good guy at the same time. Kills officers after seeing an injustice. I will be getting this for the mayhem alone but this video really pushed the game, vicious.

CaseyRyback_CPO3208d ago (Edited 3208d ago )

They advertise the games mindless violence as reasons to buy the game themselves, including the word "PWN", its childish. Good for what it is, but childish. none of that is refutable either. The developer does it themselves. Trying to pretend its going to be some deep epic game is putting way too many extras on the people that just made the same game with a new title.

The fact remains that the developer is meh. That the gameplay is the hulk unleashed, that the graphics are multiplatted out aka dull. but the cgi intro was well done.

Pretending ps3 owners have some hardon for a game made by radical, when SUCKER PUNCH(hello???) has just made an exclusive ps3 title is delusional. PS3 folk can CHOOSE to buy prototype or infamous. 360 owners cant, thus the constant cheering about how a game that Radical made, is going to be better than one that Suckerpunch made.Cheering which is very much based on the fact that there is no option for 360 owners.

One side of the fence you have ps3 folks generally saying that the two games are different. And cant be compared. Sure they will say the graphics are better, which they are. But thats standard with exclusive games.

On the 360 owner fence you have 360 folks saying that prototype is going to be better than infamous. See the difference?

I'd love to see the roles reversed if Infamous was a 360 exclusive. Im sure everyone would be pretending they are still getting prototype because of the ability to see 9 low polygon city buildings on screen at once while hulk smashing.

JokesOnYou3208d ago (Edited 3208d ago )

Oh come on, you're so sad, so because the dev used a popular term often seen in tons of comments all over the internet especially gaming sites this suddenly makes you somehow convinced the whole experience is childish, lol you are so full of it.....also I didn't mention you, gwave, or infamous in my above comments but I guess those with a guilty conscience always shout first.

Also the devs themselves have NEVER advertised the game saying anywhere that its "mindless violence", thats YOUR BS description, typical very broad and generic term people like you try to use to downplay what really looks like a heavily violent and fun open-world action game. I mean anybody could just spout off random qualities usually associated with younger kids to color a whole game being only attractive to that particular audience when in fact theres really much more depth to it. For example: "LBP is cartoonish looking with those cuddly cute charachters, it must just be a kiddie game." lol, anybody can make such baseless and transparent comments.

Your "matter of fact" like charachterization of what Prototype is just pure BS...but nobody's fooled, just like you pretending that because both infamous and Prototype CAN be played by ps3 owners that its impossible for sony folks to hate on Prototype, ha ha lmfao, did you forget this is n4g?...Yeah any game is subject to criticism but its obvious to anyone who bothers to look that alot of sony folks end up in Prototype news over and over again with negative trolling type comments. Hell I've even read comments where some sony folks outright admit they think infamous is better simply *because its exclusive. Surely exclusives USUALLY have an advantage because the devs only focus is one console but the bottom line is exclusive succeed and fail based on the merits of the game itself, just like multiplats, its like saying Resistance2 has to be better than COD4 because its exclusive= NO, now if you actually like R2 better then thats fine, but believing its because of exclusitivity then thats not **ALWAYS** the case.

Again even your latest comment are much of the same, the game is miles different from the Hulk, it even seems to potentially have a deeper story, theres just so much interesting about the game that makes normal gamers who don't ONLY see greatness in games with ps logo say "wow" but all you can point out is the dev is "meh", and thats easy to do, like saying before KZ2 GG was "meh"... so what, the point is what has been shown NOW and so far from gameplay vids LOOKS LIKE alot more than "meh". Its clear that Prototype gets alot more negativity from sony folks because the reality is both of them launch closely together and they are both within the same genre so YES in the real world games are NOT free which means some ps3 owners who can't afford both may have to choose between them at least in the short term. Its just a shame that gamers can't read through news about either game without it being saturated with so much damm negativity which if you look at the majority of threads about both games the vast majority of BS and negative tone comments is directed at Prototype from guess who?....dont act so surprised Casey like I said its expected on n4g. lmfao


CaseyRyback_CPO3208d ago (Edited 3208d ago )

heres an official top 10 reasons to buy prototype.

44 seconds in.


so.. not sure where that leaves you?

JokesOnYou3207d ago (Edited 3207d ago )

Thanks for the link to yet another amazing Prototype trailer.

Now again you're showing your true colors because its almost laughable that out of 10 reasons trailer for Prototype some of which are: Run & Gun Firepower, Jacking Military Vehicles, Stealth Kills, Consume and Become Anyone, and Open World Adaptive Parkour that you cherry pick "PWN Everyone & Everything" to describe the whole game as childish simply because of the use of the term "PWN", so had he said "Kill" it would be more of an adult game?, lol I guess their not allowed to have fun while advertising something so serious as a videogame, huh? lmfao is that seriously all you can hold on to? uhm, well I guess if thats the best a sony loyalist like you can come up with to discredit what looks like a action packed fun game, then those who just want to play great games are in for a real good one. It's really weak attempt too, just like above when you say:

"They advertise the games mindless violence as reasons to buy the game themselves"
-lol, wtf are you talking about? I could almost understand if you had said "I hope it doesn't turn out to be mindless fun." All they are doing is showing off the gameplay in that vid and the gameplay is looking damm good if you ask me, which in case you didn't know, IS what sells the game, Is it violent?= Yes...and I'm going to take a wild guess and say Prototype is NOT a adventure/platformer, puzzle or rpg type game where you figure out intricate details to progress through the game/story, but that doesn't make it anyMORE mindless than similiar games in the same genre where you go from mission to mission killing enemies while the story unfolds....its even more asnine comment considering you haven't touched the game but YOU state your biased BS opinion as if its un-"refutable". Try harder with your trolling skills, 'cause at this point its all too transparent.


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MissingLink3209d ago

Absolutely amazing!!! Top notch CGI really!! The other gameplay trailers look good as it has some great new features. Might just have to get this at release. Hopefully be as fun as Crackdown.

News4fanboys3209d ago

good stuff,dont know if i want to purchase the game still but who knows...
i'll be busy with inFAMOUS so most likely wen im done ill give it a go.... i hope a demo gets released soon though.

antt33209d ago

That looks sweet. I'm so pissed right now. I can't afford for there to be so many great games coming out! :-)

The opening looks outstanding. I have to say, I'm equally looking forward to this and Infamous. They are both gonna rock.

Ellessdee3208d ago

way to many good games coming out in the next few months, im going to have an empty wallet this summer. infamous, prototype, wolverine, red faction, maybe terminator, and sure im forgetting something. i shouldn't complain at such an awesome lineup... but i have the felling ill be running low on gas for the next few months hahahahah.

CBaoth3209d ago

Cause this looks really good and hope it plays as well. I thought the summer months were supposed to be a "dry" season for gamers? A time to catch up on our backlogged libraries if you will. Almost sacrilegious to say this about ANY game, but I'm kinda glad Batman:AA was pushed back til September.

GWAVE3209d ago

Why would inFamous and Prototype fanboys fight? Anyone with access to inFamous will also be able to play Prototype. The only people acting like Prototype fanboys will be the people with access to only Prototype on their console.

CBaoth3208d ago

Proof: See every other inFamous/Prototype article here at N4G.

Ldubbz3208d ago (Edited 3208d ago )

The INfamous/Prototype stuff in here has been stupid. They both look pretty good to me, though Prototype seems a bit more my flavor. BUt then I could get iNfamous and be all wrong.

Who knows....

EDIT: and who is the wiseguy that put the ads for inFamous over the video (linking to IGN)? Gasoline anyone? LOL

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