PS3, PSP Dominate Japan

DSi and Wii remain behind Sony hardware while the PSP continues to dominate in Japan. This week's Media Create's sales charts, covering April 27 through May 3, put the system at the top of both the hardware and software charts.

Atlus brought a remake of Persona to the PSP over the week, and gamers picked it up to the tune of 79,192 units. In comparison, 2005's Devil Summoner managed total lifetime sales of 50,000 units, making this an apparent success.

Here's the full top 10 software chart.

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eagle213240d ago

thanks for the info. :)

GWAVE3240d ago

But Sony is the dead?

Oh, I forgot. Japan is the does not matter because is not United States...

3240d ago
Smacktard3240d ago (Edited 3240d ago )

Imagine Sony's monetary losses in producing a $400 console and then selling it for $200.

Also, I don't really know how these numbers really constitute as domination... it seems pretty neck-in-neck to me.

3240d ago
Microsoft Xbox 3603240d ago (Edited 3240d ago )

What do we have here? An xbox fanboy taking about "monetary loses" like he's some guy working for Sony or something. It's like he's really threatened about a PS3 price cut that he really had to say that. I really can't believe how serious some of you guys take this console war.

GiantEnemyCrab3240d ago

saj: So PS3 beats the Wii by just a couple thousand and it's dominating.. But the 360 beating the PS3 by several hundred thousand is "neck and neck".

Sales, sales, sales.. They are the worst thing in the world one week and are the best the next.

callahan093240d ago


Nah, sales are pretty much always irrelevant in regards to having fun with videogames. Sometimes its fun to argue about them though, just for the sake of the debate.

Smacktard3240d ago

Actually I'm not an Xbox fanboy. I don't even have one. In fact, I think that the PS3 is the more logical console to buy. I am, however, a realist. Like, I'm not a stupid jaded fanboy that defends Sony more often than I blink.

dustgavin3240d ago

No. Instead you come to gaming web sites to spout off at the mouth about consoles you do not even own. Sounds like a realist to me!

7thNightvolley3240d ago

sony is on a role in japland. they gotta hold their home turf full strong.

zoneofenders3240d ago

XB360    PS3     Wii
~03/01.  11,795.   36,513.   17,876
~03/08.  14,994.   39,835.   16,560
~03/15.  *8,378.   28,014.   17,941
~03/22.  *5,441.   25,435.   18,095
~03/29.  *4,849.   22,825.   17,276
~04/05.  *7,812.   20.362.   15,525
~04/12.  10,134.   16.701.   13,349
~04/19.  *8,652.   62.527.   13,221
~04/26.  *7,016.   23.351.   18,439
~05/03.  *7,313.   23.588.   21,546
----------------------------- -------
in total.     86,384  299,151  169,828

Ps3fanbaby3240d ago

ps3 is king and every other console better bow down for domination

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solidworm3240d ago

and the tsunami of piracy,..and the fact they still make a loss on the hardware

Anon19743240d ago

Mind you on a trip I took to Osaka a few years back...I saw some weird stuff. They like to put english on their T-shirts but usually it's just nonsensical stuff. Pretty funny, actually.

3240d ago
eagle213240d ago

Sony didn't sell 140+ million ps2's to just dudes. :)

Sir Ken_Kutaragi3240d ago

Sir Ken looks cool!!! ;-D

PS3, PSP Dominate Japan...and then came the World-wide price cut to $299/£199 of the PS3...and...the PS3 Dominates the WORLD!!! ;-P

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