GamersTemple: Patapon 2 Review


"I remember a year or two ago, a distant family member found out I was writing game reviews and guides and was stunned - STUNNED - that anyone out there could be interested in video games so deeply that they would look online to check out others' feelings on them. Clearly, this was a guy who hadn't played a video game since before Galaga, but what stuck with me about the exchange was his main question, "What makes a game bad? What makes a game good? How do you define a "good" or "great" game?" Back then, I couldn't give him an answer that he deemed satisfying. Today, if asked the same question, I would hand him my PSP and start Patapon 2 up for him to try. And once he got into it, I would say, "THAT is what a great game - no, a PERFECT game - looks like."

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