iPhone MMO: Read, Download, Play: Epic Pet Wars

Gamer Limit writes: "As much as I hate the word "epic" and its recent new found glory amongst the interwebs, Epic Pet Wars is by far the best browser based MMORPG to hit the app store. Browser based MMO games are still really a niche idea. It seems that the free weekends or free one month trials attract lots of users only to have them drop off and leave behind the super hardcore.

Epic Pet Wars is generally the same idea. Start off with a character/pet, level it up gradually by battling other users, do some training and repeat the process. The first thing that Epic Pet Wars does right is that it's all free, all the time."

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Dimly3385d ago

If I like war... and I like pets... will I like this game?

SkankinGarbage3385d ago

I wonder if these iPhone games will ever get ported to other consoles or phones?

Fullish3385d ago

Probably not the dev kits are quite different.