Name a park, win a Champions Online beta key


"So, Champions Online. Apparently a lot of you are interested in that game. Who knew? If you'd like to be immortalized in-game in addition to receiving a beta key, then boy do we have the contest to point you towards. Naming a park isn't so hard, really. We suggest combining some kind of heroic figure or event, with a plant one associates with parks. Something like Alien Invasion Ficus Park may suffice, but we should mention we're not judges."

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Timesplitter143238d ago

That's a very cool idea. I always thought that if I ever made an MMO, I'd make specific monuments for some players in some way or the other.

But there's something about that game that just doesn't appeal to me. I dunno. A MMO with super-heroes...

Baka-akaB3238d ago (Edited 3238d ago )

I still prefer by large DC Universe Online , despite not being a fan at all of the universe (saves batman related stuff , and really only recently green lantern space stories) ... especially because champions wouldnt include from the start a logical and much needed pvp experience (and no arena with superheroes arent it) and villains creations .

However Champions got a few cool ideas going on , especially today's few announces .