Final Fantasy XI celebrates seven years with their Adventurer Appreciation campaign


"It's been seven eventful years since chocobos and moogles have invaded MMOs, and Final Fantasy XI is still going strong as they celebrate another anniversary with their player base. Of course, any intrepid adventurer knows what the Adventurer Appreciation holiday is all about. It's not that the moogles come out and give away free items or how they recount many insane statistics to you, like how many times you've talked to NPCs. No, it's not about any of that."

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OmarJA3269d ago

Loved the trial, & Lotro, & EverQuest II... :)

I dunno which one to get ? :(

Or should i wait for a new one ?

INehalemEXI3269d ago

Blade & Soul or Aion , Is what I'm waiting for, playing EVE in the meantime. I think it was all the EVE adverts got to me. Everywhere I go on the web I see one.

Ozzyb3269d ago

I wouldn't recommend FFXI at this point. I played for four years, and it's definitely in decline. The learning curve is steep and the beginning areas are not nearly as populated as they used to be, which makes partying (which is practically necessary) pretty difficult.

evrfighter3269d ago

I agree with Ozzy. I've played for almost the same amount of time. This game requires quite a bit of dedication and travel can be extremely painfully slow and boring. SE intends to keep this alive by creating only major timesinks. When I mean timesink I mean this

talk to an npc to start a quest. Spend 45 mins-1hr running to area with quest. do your quest

rinse and repeat 15-30 times which serves to progress you through an expansion pack.

Spend a couple hours at the last mission looking for the right people and getting setup. another 1hr-2hrs running to the area with the fight.

Keep in mind this is NOT endgame. This is only to advance the story. ffxi Endgame I won't touch with a 100ft pole.

Reibooi3269d ago (Edited 3269d ago )

I would say that the game is no longer in decline anymore. In fact it's safe to say that the game is growing at this point in terms of player base. I'm a 5 year vet of FFXI and I recently took a break for about 6 months but upon coming back I found that all the lower levels areas are now packed with players new and old alike.

This is thanks in no small part to some of the new updates SE has been adding into the game like Training Regimes which basically allow you to solo any job to level 75 given enough time. Doing these Training Regimes also allows for helpful things such as warps and buffs making travel alot easier. I will admit a few years ago getting from point A to point B was a bit of a time sink and it was annoying but SE has added plenty of new features that allow you to travel alot faster then you normally could otherwise and if you know about it doing things such as quests and missions are not the time sink people make them out to be.

Gun_Senshi3269d ago

I played FFXI since JP Launch and quit in 2005. I came back end 2006 and quit Jan 2007. I must say, the game is now horrible. They removed the balance and made people get lvl 75 in 1 week only. If you want to participate in end game just level Samurai or Red Mage, no one uses anything else due to broken balance.

Reibooi3268d ago

No idea what you are talking about. I am playing the game now and I see almost no one leveling Samurai or Red mage and I highly doubt you can get either job to 75 in a week unless you have no life and sacrifice eating sleeping and bathing. Even then you would have to get incredibly lucky and get really really good parties or it would never happen.

Pretty much every version update for the last year and a half has had something in it that helps the balance of the game and the more they add the more balance the game gets. The game as it stands is in my opinion very balanced.

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Tony P3269d ago

Happy Birthday.

I wonder if they have any plans to upgrade the game? The graphics and features were more than a little dated even in 2002. Or maybe Rapture is SE's new MMO fascination.. *shrug*

Reibooi3268d ago

The graphics engine on its own may not be that impressive but I like the realistic art style the game has over cartoony fare like WoW and Warhammer.

When you take into account the fact that the game is as old as it is and that it was designed for PS2 it's actually quite shocking how good the PC version looks when all the settings are all the way up.