The Escapist: Patapon 2 Review

The Escapist writes:
"Multiplayer aside, this game is a top notch package. I'm usually not one to talk about value, but at twenty dollars I couldn't help but be impressed that, in addition to fundamentally sound game play, there's just a whole lot of content. Patapon 2 is a carefully designed portable experience that's more than some console port with a few quick save options. But it's not a cop-out either; a "light" version of what should've been a more substantial game. In these regards, Patapon 2 is a rare game indeed."

Bottom Line: Patapon 2 is the game that serious gamers are too often denied on portable platforms.

Recommendation: The twenty dollars you're going to spend at the Star Trek movie this weekend will probably be worth it. But the next twenty dollars should absolutely be spent on Patapon 2

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