STP: Rafa Nadal Tennis Review

STP writes: "Our initial impressions of Rafa Nadal Tennis were not positive. The menus are a mess, with a broken scoring/ ranking system and a glaring absence of a playable roster. Tennis pro Rafa Nadal is hardly noticeable in his own game, making only an appearance on the title screen, and then again as the sole playable character with the exact same moves as his one nameless opponent. It wasn't until we spent a few hours hitting the ball back and forth that the control scheme began to impress us... but it didn't impress us enough to recommend this work in progress to you.

Credit where credit is due: the game's basic rallies play well. All you have to do is tap the screen to send Rafa scrambling across the court. When you're in position, a swipe to the side will aim your shots left and right, while swiping your finger down will lob high and a swipe up will result in a slam. Since the game contains no power meter or other indicators, you have to learn by feel how far to slide your finger to keep the ball in bounds, but out of the reach of your opponent. It's a subtle and effective way to connect the player to the action."

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