Infamous plays better while Prototype looks cooler

One of the hotly debated arguments around the gamer circle is over which game is better: Infamous or Prototype. No doubt, these two games have received comparisons due to their similar open world style. However, that is where the similarity ends as both games are truly worlds apart.

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user94220773387d ago

Both look amazing. InFamous is an awesome game, just played the demo. But Prototype does look awesome as well.

Lifendz3387d ago

What does that mean? The art style of the game is darker and therefore cooler? Infamous is said to have better graphics, better gameplay, while Prototype "looks cooler." I wonder which one I'll buy and which I'll rent. Oh wait, I already know the answer to that question.

-YLoD-3387d ago (Edited 3387d ago )

Looks > gameplay, right ps3 fanboys??? *cough* killzone 2

So by your logic, prototype will be better than infamous

meepmoopmeep3387d ago

so what you're saying is infamous is better because it plays better
while prototype looks better?

got it.

thank you oh wise enlightened one.


Pennywise3387d ago

InFamous looks better than prototype. So by your logic, you are just dumb.

solidt123387d ago

Agree both games are gonna be awesome. I will be getting both games but I will get Infamous first then after I beat that I'll get Prototype.

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