50 Cent's New Game Selling 1/12th Of His First One

Better reviews don't seem to be helping 50 Cent's newest video game.

Despite earning higher review scores than 2005's 50 Cent Bulletproof, February's Blood on the Sand has sold an estimated 56,000 copies in the U.S. between its February launch and early April.

Its predecessor did far better.

In its first two months of release in the fall of 2005, Bulletproof sold 681,000 copies, en route to lift-to-date sales of 1,123,000 units, according to NPD.

The original game had a Metacritic score of 47; the new game has a 71 and has been described as a guilty pleasure on some of the top gaming podcasts and review sites.

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Pennywise3359d ago


Good job gamers!! Dont buy junk.

Mr_Bun3359d ago

Would have made for a better heading if 50 cent sold 50 percent.

Pennywise3359d ago

You look so lonely over here!

Dont make fun of fifty, I know you bought it.

Mr_Bun3359d ago

All by myself...I have to sit in the corner for another 4 hours or something.

Gamer_Politics3359d ago

because the game is garbage.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi3359d ago

But really what did you expect?

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