The Decline of The Legend of Zelda

Kombo: Who doesn't love The Legend of Zelda? Perhaps the most acclaimed series of video games of all time, Zelda has been entertaining us for generations with games of the highest quality. Some are better than others to be sure, but they all have that unique class and style that only Zelda can deliver. Some people think that the Zelda series has started to decline with the most recent titles, Twilight Princess and Phantom Hourglass, but I disagree. The Legend of Zelda started going downhill way before that! I actually have a rather unique perspective on the Zelda series and that stems from one simple fact. You see, my favorite Zelda game and the one that I think is actually the best one in the series is in fact The Legend of Zelda. There is no subtitle there because my favorite is the original game, which means that, from my perspective, the Zelda series has been in decline ever since 1987!

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Smacktard3214d ago

The only people that think that the original Zelda is the best are buried in nostalgia. LttP is the best 2-D Zelda, easily. OoT is my favorite Zelda game ever also.

ChickeyCantor3214d ago

Your first line is kinda ironic XD

But i agree, LTTP is awesome ( although links awakening and minish cap were both awesome, also like phantom hour glass...even though it was easy)