AppChatter Review: Bloons

AppChatter writes: "Bloons by Digital Goldfish Ltd. is a great remake of the online flash version game with some improvements. The goal of the game is to pop the target amount of bloons with the number of darts given. To shoot a dart, place your finger anywhere on the screen and slide your finger in the direction you want the dart to go. The further you slide your finger, the more powerful your shot will be. A great feature to help you fine tune your shot is the ghost arrow. This shows exactly which direction and power you shot last with a blue arrow. This feature helps in those times you want to adjust your shot just a hair.

There are many types of bloons, walls, and darts to keep the game interesting. The first type of bloons are basic balloons. These bloons are popped by getting shot with a dart. Other bloons include ice bloons, which freeze all the bloons around them making them unpoppable; bomb bloons, which blow up all surrounding bloons; and spikey bloons, which fall through all types of bloons and walls except solid walls."

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