Why BioShock 2 is a Terrible Idea

GamesRadar writes:

"So, we've heard the devs' opinions on BioShock 2. Unsurprisingly, they like their own game. But as Charlie pointed out in the intro to that feature, even the biggest BioShock fan must be skeptical. And that's where I come in.

Let's just get one thing straight from the start. I adore BioShock. Seriously. To the degree that I could quite happily get into a knife fight to defend its honour. It's a rare indulgence of the universe for a game to come along which seems to have been so perfectly designed for you and you alone, but 2K Boston's magnum opus was exactly one of those occasions for me."

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Rhezin3389d ago

why did they have to rip the protagonist away from us? Play as a BIG DADDY? Seems just like a hokey ripoff of the first. The big daddies are the BEASt bosses you fought and now you're that beast? Just seems like you'll be too powerful in the game. In Bioshock you started at rock bottom with a ratchet and then slowly became a badass with all these new plasmid injections and weapons upgrades to the point when you get to the end of the game, you're ready for anything. In Bioshock 2 it's like nothing can get in your way you have a big freaken drill arm that will probably anahilate splicers (which some run away from you now), kind of defeats the purpose of the original. Thinking about this again I might get my money back from my pre-order.

Nelson M3389d ago

Well just like all Multiplatform Games
It Will Not reach its Potential
A Game Will Not Reach its Full Potential
Due to the Fact That the Xbox is a Pile of Junk
And is Holding this Generation Back

erathaol3389d ago

Those are some great points that the writer of the article brought up, its a lot to consider.

GWAVE3389d ago

Yeah. I loved Bioshock. I played it through on the PC, 360, and on the PS3, and I loved it each time.

However, all of the info I've seen on Bioshock 2 seems like a cheap cash-in. It doesn't innovate beyond the original Bioshock. Then again, Bioshock wasn't that innovative (play Thief II, Deus Ex, or System Shock 2, please)