iPGR Review: Need For Speed Undercover

iPGR writes: "As with the latest Need For Speed games , the story is told through scenes acted by real actors, cutscenes seen in the original console game. Basically, you are a cop who goes 'undercover' amidst the street racers as one of them and arrest racers while the rest of the street racers aren't looking. And you run away from the cops to prove that you are not the cops. The story is lame, yes. But the cutscenes do add flavor to the game making it less monotonous than it might have been.

The game misses free-roam, but the race selection is laid out in a city map, which is more of a menu than a map. From here, you can choose races from three different zones of the city. The game misses the drag-racing mode, but has the other common car racing modes such as Circuit or Sprint. Some game modes exclusive to Need For Speed Undercover are 'Chasedown', where you have to chase down a street racer and arrest him. And 'Hot Car', where you have to transport a car from point A to B without any considerable damage. In 'Cop Takeout' missions you are involved in a police chase and you have to destroy the required number of police cars within the time limit."

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