Clouds on the horizon - Cloud computing: A revolution-in-the-making?

In recent times the general public has been spoon-fed a great deal of words or phrases that have become familiar, while at the same time remaining somewhat vague and confusing.

The buzzword of the moment is 'Cloud Computing'. In its essence, it's quite a simple thing – and not necessarily very new. However the connotations for the mass adoption of all it represents are massive. Those in the know say it has potential to be the biggest technological advancement since the creation of the internet.

Put as simply as possible, Cloud Computing is a system in which data is stored on the internet rather than your own computer. The most familiar form of this is web-based email services, such as Microsoft's Hotmail, which have been around for years now. Of course, the realities of it become more complex as you begin peeling away the layers, but that's the essence of it.

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