Secret Identity Feature Planned For Champions Online

Bill Roper, Executive Producer of upcoming superhero MMO Champions Online, revealed to IncGamers at a recent press event that there are plans to introduce a Secret Identity feature to the game sometime after it launches in July.

Since Champions Online was announced, fans were keen to see if the game would have any form of secret identity mechanic, after all, most superheroes have a not-so-super alter-ego hidden away somewhere. IncGamers asked Bill if Cryptic would be adding this as a feature to Champions, and he admitted that it was on the cards.

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AndyA3305d ago

Sounds like an interesting feature

Fyzzu3305d ago

I'm kinda glad they're not just half-arsing it. It's the sort of thing that could actually add another level of depth to the game, I think, if it was handled right - only trusting certain others by letting them know who your secret identity is, etc. If they could get decent in-game impacts in for something like that...

Leord3305d ago

And if anyone there is interested in roleplaying, it adds an additional layer of content to use.

I know people thing roleplayers in online games are almost more geeky than pen & paper roleplaying, but it's quite a big thing, actually.

Cogo3305d ago

Haha, roleplaying geeks.. hehe.

Maticus3305d ago

The role players are going to have a field day!

Leord3305d ago

Haha, even the title makes me laugh. such a wonderful idea :)

thetamer3305d ago

Man, that would be the ultimate cool!

Maticus3305d ago

This will be a huge feature when it's introduced into the game. It will indeed add a whole new dimension to characters.

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The story is too old to be commented.