InFamous Demo: The Good, the Bad, the Ugly

TGS: "Does the InFamous demo leave a good impression or make you want to leave the game?"

"Last night I had the opportunity to play through Sony's upcoming super-powered exclusive InFamous. After spending several hours-yes, there are literally hours worth of things to see and do in the demo alone-romping through Empire City I have several thoughts I would like to share."

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Elven63299d ago

The game has definitely peaked my interest, I'll be watching this game.

jimineyscrickets3299d ago

This game is moving from my "Watch" list to my "buy on day one." It just keeps getting better.

MURKERR3299d ago

are eliminated and as for the story i have no concerns this is sucker punch we are talking about,the sly series had amazing plot lines

sonarus3299d ago

From Preview: My time with the InFamous demo was incredible. It represents the best demo I have ever played and has convinced me that Sony has a true AAA exclusive on the way that will prove a must own. The verdict on the story and characters must wait until the full game is in my hands, but if these elements even half-way match the title’s incredible gameplay and performance it will not fail to impress. Be excited Sony gamers. InFamous looks to be an amazing adition to your video game library.

Anyways, i am yet to play the demo but i certainly do hope the jaggies and pop ins are reduced in the retail version. The game went Gold quite a while ago so i can't honestly say i am expecting much of an improvement. It makes me wish they had stayed polishing it for a while before going Gold. Oh well looks aren't everything

Giriath3299d ago (Edited 3299d ago )

I'm sure jaggies and pop-in will be reduced by at least a little in the retail version. That said, jaggies and pop-in are THE most common graphical issues. They appear frequently and are very visible in most large-scale games, even more so in sandbox games.

The Unreal Engine is the king of jaggies & pop-in issues.

thor3299d ago

Do you know the reason WHY those are the most common graphical issues?

Because those are the things that, if you fixed them, would affect everything. Want your game to have no jaggies? Fine, give the game 4x or 8x anti-aliasing. But you're going to pay for that severely in terms of other features of graphics, which whilst they aren't "issues" as such, they could still be improved.

What I mean is, Sucker Punch could EASILY have made a game with no jaggies, but they thought that the trade-off for having much improved graphics was worth it.

Similarly, making your game have no pop-in is relatively straightforward - have very few objects that require streaming and make them take up very little memory each. But you don't want to do that if you want a world filled with dynamic, pretty-looking objects. So objects HAVE TO stream in at some point; with memory limitations it's necessary to have some pop-in. Non-open-world games can work around this issue by concealing the next area from view whilst it streams in, or by having seperate levels and loading screens.

So, sure, every dev could make a game that runs at 1080p/60fps with 16xAA and zero pop-in. But it would look like a PS1-era game.

xboxlj3299d ago

So can you download the demo if you preorder the game? I am still stuck between this and Prototype. If the demo is good I will go ahead and purchase it. Where do I need to preorder from to get the demo?

Violater3299d ago

" Hopefully between now and going gold Sucker Punch will be able to throw in a little aliasing work to smooth things up."

Someone needs to tell the writer that the game went gold a while now.

Lifendz3299d ago

and that's just off the strength of certain people in the industry whose opinions I respect. can't wait for it.

specialguest3299d ago

This game have also peaked my interest. I never gave the game much thought until recently. Not that it really matters or a deal breaker, but what's the status on the multiplayer mode? Last I read from an IGN interview, they won't say until another 2 months.

aksmashh3299d ago

Agree If Yes
Disagree If No

Looks Amazing But I Don't Play Many Single Player Games. Thanks

thor3299d ago

Oh and everyone, the word is "piqued". PIQUED.

/Grammar Whore


eat_shorts3299d ago


if you preorder now you the demo early.
the demo goes on psn may 21

thewhoopimen3299d ago (Edited 3299d ago )

Infamous has also PIQUED my interest as well. And I am sure there is nothing to LOSE if I pre-order. I don't think I can BEAR the pain of waiting for the title. ;) HINT HINT HINT*

RememberThe3573298d ago

Thank you! That was wracking my brain, but my dyslexic ass couldn't figure it out.

indyman773298d ago (Edited 3298d ago )

With only half the powers in the demo. Uhhhh Question, doesn't that sound like you have a UNBALANCED game? It is a demo so how do you know you have the correct feel? I hope you DON'T because after awhile it will be too boring if it is a god among mortals that means you have way more power.

Which means it is too easy. Hopefully you don't know what your talking about. In fact hopefully you don't know what your talking about when you say the Jaggies are very noticeable. Draw distance? Major pop in? or Pop up.

Once again I hope you don't know what your talking about. Complaining about the people that give you the missions? I will assume you don't know what you are talking about, and even if you do I don't care! I'm tried of people complaining about something small like that! Who cares? Are you sure you was not being sarcastic when you said you will buy this on day one? Was that really suppose to be a positive preview? I know it took it out of my watch basket to my disappointing warning basket, if I was to actually listen to you that is.

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gameplayingfool3299d ago

I'm glad to see somebody put it all out on the table regarding the demo. Its good to see that even after acknowledging the game's faults the guy is still thrilled for it. That is a good sign.

Elven63299d ago

There are very few games that make me do that, I hope I can get some hands on time with the game as well.

Arnon3299d ago

I have my inFAMOUS demo downloading. I'm hoping for a amazing time... but it's going to be hard to compete with this

Arnon3298d ago

I just played it...

Really guys. What in the WORLD makes this game absolutely amazing? There were many things that got on my nerves..

1. The auto-lock feature that constantly was making my character go crazy whenever I jumped.. I would jump here, jump there, and jump wherever the game made me. Was really frustrating.

2. There was hardly anything to do. And I mean in the sense that... there were very few abilities that were available. There was like one cool thing to walk on and that was a powerline (and even that was kind of pointless because it shot you out and the little shockwave you do is absolutely useless unless you're falling from a great height), And there was a total of like... 3 enemies.

I'm REALLY not trying to be mean here. As I would love to see what everyone loved about the game. I'm not making this rant to piss people off. I'm making it to try and get an answer is all :)

Arnon3298d ago

Also... I experienced horrible framerate drops on the game and there was 0 anti-aliasing. I can post a video of it if you guys don't believe me.

Jaces3298d ago

I've yet to try out the buy ran out of copies. *sigh*

Anyway I've noticed a lot that Prototype is like a mix between Spider-man, X-men: Origins, and The Hulk. Looks really fun.

Reshun3298d ago (Edited 3298d ago )

I know what you mean about the jumping/grab assist frustration. Especially for getting certain blast fragments on certain spots. However, I believe it would've been a lot more frustrating without the jump assistance in a game like this. It would definitely be a lot harder to land on top of the wires/poles/fences. Maybe they could have added a feature in the option for turning the assistance on and off for those who preferred the other way around.

Arnon3298d ago (Edited 3298d ago )

The game just brought so much frustration to me. I do understand why they put it in there, but it almost felt like a magnet to EVERYTHING. I didn't have too much control when jumping around.

Also... lemme just say that being Infamous rather than Hero actually makes you stronger. They're not even balanced. Infamous has stronger electric abilities. Not to mention red neon lightning looks a lot cooler. I really hate to say it. But this game feels like a mess almost. I think I'm gonna get Prototype instead :(


I can say though, without a doubt, that inFAMOUS has THE BEST... Human fluidity and physics ever made. Period. It completely blew me away.

CoxMulder3298d ago

@ arnon
Who do you think you're fooling? Everyone can see your post history..

"Noone gives a crap about Uncharted"

"Killzone 2 was almost a waste of my money. Should have just rented it for the minimal amount of content it contained. Pretty, though (aside from the ass-terrible textures)."

"That Uncharted picture looks absolutely terrible. At least the Gears 2 explosion has a realistic effect to it. Not some orange honeycomb mushroom cloud."

Can you say "butthurt fanboy"..?

Please keep your a$$ in the open zone -->

Arnon3298d ago (Edited 3298d ago )

Rofl... right.

I own Killzone 2. I haven't picked it up since. Wanna know why? It has hardly any content in it to constantly play it. Anyone with an unbiased mindset will say that Killzone 2 is not worth a $59.99 pricetag. There's a total of 20(?) guns in the entire game (Only 11 are usable in multiplayer), 10 ranks which take a couple days to obtain, 8 maps, and 5 different game modes. It WAS a waste of my money. As I should have just rented it.

I didn't like Uncharted. Why? Because the story was not engrossing. The game was only 7-8 hours long. It had no replay to it. It had no online. It had nothing really.

I didn't like some of my 360 games either.

Gears of War 2 pissed me off because of the online feature. The story was also immature.

Fable 2 pissed me off because it was so short and was riddled with glitches.

Quit the hate control. Doesn't really benefit anyone nor do people usually care what some guy thinks when they don't know him or will ever know him for that matter.

The open zone is that way if you want to try the hate control


CoxMulder3298d ago

fair enough, I'm awaiting your video of the "terrible framerate-drops and zero AA"


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peeps3299d ago

although it was interesting to hear the thoughts of the gamer, i don't really get the point of 'demo opinions' since everyone with a ps3 and an internet connection will be able to try the game for themselves. It's a hands on of the full game I'm sure would make for a much more interesting and worthwhile read.

-EvoAnubis-3299d ago

Yeah, but not everyone can play it NOW. People want all the info they can get on this game, and for the majority out there that can't play it yet, they want info on what to expect when they can.

Elven63299d ago

I agree in most cases but when the demo is exclusive I wouldn't mind hearing impressions.

gameplayingfool3299d ago

EvoAnubis is right. This is a limited access demo. Only a few thousand can even get it right now so for the average Sony gamer this is a good read. Such an anticipated title generates a lot of interest and people want to know what to expect.

jimineyscrickets3299d ago

I really wish everyone could play right now, but this will have to do for the moment. At least the writer looked at all the good, bad, and ugly.

no-spin3299d ago

i dont know what to do with this games until i play the demo, that is the decisive factor to buy or pass this game

PS: wallet is thin, i will have to trade RE5 for $30 if i want this game

Christopher3299d ago

That they have to find something to say for each part, even if it's the most smallest of things. And, when they say it, they have to say it with enough words to make it so that the section in question isn't useless.

I'm happy that most people have enjoyed the demo so far, I just hope it doesn't get overly repetitive in the actual game.

EastCoastSB3299d ago

Look at what's in the Bad and Ugly columns. He had to dig pretty deep to fill those categories, and he still WASN'T hating on the game.

spectyre3298d ago

has something wrong with it. His bad and his ugly were miniscule points at best (to me).
I will but this game day one even though I've never been a fan of open world games. I've tried the Grand Theft series and even Oblivion and Fallout 3. I played for a while but they just didn't keep my interest. After playing the demo, inFAMOUS has it's hooks in me. I typically don't do much gaming in the summer but this will be an exception.