Joystiq impressions: The Saboteur

A race car driver. 1940s Paris. An Irish accent. Zeppelins. Black and white. If you tossed these items into an active blender -- and it would have to be a pretty big one, what with you chucking Paris in there -- the end result would probably resemble The Saboteur, which is more simply described as a World War II game that features no American presence. Can you believe it's been more than two years since it was announced?

Joystiq spent some time with the game recently (and a slew of other EA titles -- keep your eyes open for further coverage over the next few weeks), and talked to lead designer Tom French, from Pandemic, who guided us through the streets of Paris. Check out the gallery of brand new screens below, and head past the break to read all about this innovative WWII title -- now with vintage racing cars!

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I_am_rushin3269d ago

I never heard of it, but it looks quite interesting.

dragonyght3269d ago

it was announce a while back nothing much was said about it and i guess e3 is pretty close thats why they started to release some new info