appVersity: Kyle's Quest 2 Review

appVersity writes: "The game itself is a major throwback to the first role playing games on the NES, SNES and the Gameboy. It depends on how old you are as to whether or not you would call that "classic" or "a game with crap graphics". I'm in the "classic" mold.

As Kyle you have to tackle different quests (and thus the name of the game comes clearly into view) and everything works like the old RPGs of that era. You move around, talk to people, buy stuff, find stuff, kills stuff. You know. It's we're talking the first Final Fantasy games.

And, in truth it does it all as well as it's supposed to do it…

That means that graphically you're not going to get blown away. The look of the game is good, but it's nothing that will make it the first game to show your friends when they want to see your device. The exact same thing can be said about the music. It does its job."

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