GameSpot: The Conduit Multiplayer Hands-On

After only a single round playing The Conduit's multiplayer mode, it's clear that it's been heavily influenced by the N64 classic GoldenEye. This is no bad thing, but in terms of look and feel, Voltage's upcoming Wii FPS feels very much like a spiritual successor to the Rare classic. Thankfully, the feature set is completely 2009, with 12-player online multiplayer, seven maps, unlockable player skins, and voice support using Nintendo's WiiSpeak peripheral. In fact, it could be said that The Conduit is the most feature-packed online game for the Wii so far.

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FinalomegaS3356d ago

this is a good thing for a player like me.

TruthbeTold3356d ago

It has that sort of feel to it.