Bioshock 2 enlists Dark Sector dev for multiplayer mode

Digital Extremes wins deal with 2K Games to deliver a multiplayer component for the highly anticipated sequel.

Dark Sector developer Digital Extremes has struck a deal with Take Two subsidiary 2K Games to provide the multiplayer element for Bioshock 2.

The Canadian developer is said to be working closely with the creative group at 2K Marin, who are currently focusing on the singleplayer component of the game.

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Rich16313361d ago

Yeah Dark Sector was weak, but they also did work on the hugely popular Unreal Tournament series with Epic so maybe there is hope.

mastiffchild3361d ago

The thing is with Dark Sector it could have been a really cool game IF they'd spent more time on the SP and not spent time and money on the most worthless MP I've ever seen.

All the SP lacked was a little variation and something to call it's own. the glaive was a really cool weapon but not enough was made of all the different power ups-they were really level specific which left what should've been the game's trademark as more of a clue to what each level wanted you to do, sadly.

The MP, however, was pointless and felt like an expensive afterthought and I'd hate to see the venerable minds behind Bioshock make the same sad mistakes. Whereas Dark Sector was the best example of why MP shouldn't be added for every game Bioshock just showed what was possible this gen with a really polished SP game-nobody missed the MP first time around cos the game was pricelessly good. This year we'll see both Bioshock nd Uncharted2 go into the co-op/MP arena and myonly hope is that if they do these options that they don't do it a the expense of what made the first games so good and keep the MP segment up to the same high standard.

If they don't it can harm the SP(like the co-op in RE5 did)or simply detract from the whole package. However, getting the dev of a failed MP this gen in to help is a very odd move and I fail to see any similarity between the run and gun madness(though I do love me some UT)of UT and the sublime SP found last time in Rapture. Very odd decision.

baraka0073361d ago

Huge mistake IMO there is no reason to add multi to a game like this. It's just money wasted that could have been used toward making a better single player game and to top it all off they are hiring the guys from dark sector?! What's next? Are they going to add co op and hire the guys behind Vampire Rain?

TheMART3360d ago


I'd rather have them making again a SP experience only instead of giving a totally different experience by outsourcing the MP.

Fack this.