Great moms of gaming

Nadia Oxford of WhatTheyPlay writes:

"The second Sunday in May is a day to put aside work and chores to remember the woman who made the everyday stresses in life possible: Mom. Moms are awesome because they brought us into the world, raised us, warned us against climbing that weak tree branch, and then rushed to nurture us when we inevitably fell and bruised our egos and spines.

Video game developers have long worked hard to give players heroes and heroines they can identify with. Family is a vital component in connecting a player with their in-game avatars: a great deal of epic adventures start with a missing mother who must be found, a deceased mother who must be avenged, or a heroic mother whose name must be upheld by her monster-slaying offspring. And, of course, there are the video game mothers who must balance work and family life – quite a feat when your job requires you to save the world from demons.

We'd like to pay tribute to some of the digital moms who have offered their love, support, and an occasional sword throughout gaming history."

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